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Cold-Box Process


This is not a contradiction: The Cold-Box process has been the leading core production process for series casting for 50 years. In sync with the further advances in castings for highly developed consumer markets, HA, as one of the leading foundry chemical suppliers, has continuously optimised its binder systems ever since. A comprehensive product range is now available especially for the Cold-Box process, so that foundries can always find the optimum binder solution depending on the area of application and their individual requirements.

HA's Cold-Box binder systems strike the perfect balance: lower emissions and uncompromising performance.


The Strengths of Cold-Box Process

  • the highest levels of casting quality
  • highly complex casting structures
  • minimal wall thicknesses
  • Highly automated production
  • The casting of various alloys
  • Excellent core collapsibility
  • Long period for core storage
  • Low resin addition
  • Excellent regeneration performance

Customized Cold-Box Solutions





Cold-Box Binder Systems

Sigmacure: A Robust Classic

Sigmacure is the universal classic product: It not only improves the core-making efficiency of the foundry, but also effectively improves the dimensional accuracy of the casting.




  • High productivity, fast cycle times
  • Good processability, good sand durability even with moderate sand quality
  • Moisture resistand, even under difficult climatic conditions
  • Suitable for any existing equipment
  • Many customised variants for special requirements


Biocure: with Plant-Based Solvents

In 1990s, HA replaced the aromatic solvents in Biocure by using methyl esters that are obtained from plant-based raw materials. It effectively reduces emissions, improves core-making efficiency, and reduces the consumption of catalyst and release agent.



  • Effectively reduce BTX, BTEX and CO2 emissions
  • Low catalyst consumption
  • Superior seperation of core and tool
  • Good thermal stability
  • Elemination of casting defects such as erosion and scabbing

Silcure: Inorganic Elements in Solvent

In 1999, HA introduced Cold-Box systems with shares of silicate-containing solvents to the foundry industry. These solvents contain Si compounds in the molecule instead of hydrocarbons. A lower carbon content results in reduced BTX, BTEX and CO2 emissions.



  • Significantly reduce the emissions during the pouring 
  • Reduce fume and odor
  • High thermal stability
  • Very low condensate formation, thus less cleaning effort
  • Low gas formation, thus fewer casting defects (scabbing, gas defects, pinholes)

Sipurid: Inorganic Elements in Solvent & Resin

HA has consistently pursued the path of organic reduction with the latest Cold-Box generation Sipurid. In addition to the silicate component in the solvent, the resin molecule was also modified: the conventional OH-groups in the resin were partially replaced by silicate elements.



  • Lowest BTX and BTEX emissions
  • Lowest fume formation
  • Minimum condensate formation
  • Lowest gas evolution
  • Excellent suitability for die casting

Cold-Box Product Series


HA has successfully applied inorganic components to resin to effectively improve the foundry environment::


  • Carbon content of resin is reduced by more than 16%
  • Effectively reduce the volatilization of harmful gases
  • Effectively reduce VOCs emissions, such as BTX

High Strength                 

HA has successfully improved the strength of the resin by optimizing the molecular structure:


  • Increase the immediate strength by more than 20%
  • Reduce the adding amount of resin effectively
  • Reduce the air holes & scabs casting defects

Humidity Resistance                 

HA improves the humidity resistance of the resin to adapt to moist weather by optimizing the resin formulation:


  • Stable strength which is not affected by humidity
  • Longer sand core storage period
  • More suitable for sand cores production which is dipped with water-based coatings